When buying a car, you have 3 options: paying cash, getting a loan, and buy here/ pay here ( where you pay direct to the dealership). Besides being the simplest way to pay for a car, paying cash gives you the best financing terms you will ever get. By paying cash, you avoid paying the interest payments that you must pay on a loan or lease. Loans are an agreement to lend money for the right to charge an interest rate on that money as it is paid back. Next best is finding your loan anywhere with the lowest interest rate, like most buy here/ pay here options are highest interest. What we want is good people for good cars, just give us a chance to work the numbers and if it works for you and us! its a Deal!

No matter what option you choose, we'll help you drive off the lot in the car you want. Rather you have great credit, bad credit, or no credit, we have a financing option for you.